Domain Name Registration

Find the right domain extension for your online presence.

What does it mean to register a domain?

Having your own presence on the web is an absolute requirement for any business or blogger these days.  In order to secure your presence online, you need your own space on the internet.  Think of it like any physical address that you would search on Google Maps except that you would be securing an address on the internet itself.  This is called a domain name.  once you secure this domain name, no-one else in the world can take this from you.  It’s yours!


Domain Name Registration, Domain Search and Pricing

The below table lists the costs of domain TLD’s to give you a reference of the price of each domain registration extension.  It helps to know what each domain name registration will cost you before buying.  Register a domain below by entering the domain name that you are interested in to see if it is available.

Domain Name Search and Registration

Domain Pricing