Bulk Package Discount
Get up to 20% OFF by purchasing more packages
Bulk Discount Badge

BlueSteam has always done it's best to bring our clients the best value for money and give back to the our clients where we can.  Take advantage of our bulk package discount by qualifying for up to 20% off all your packages.  This often has big benefits for web designers who can keep a little extra in their pocket when satisfying the need to purchase a lot of packages to serve your clients. 

The below table outlines how the discount structure works.

Number of Packages Your Discount
>= 1 Package 0% OFF
>= 5 Packages 5% OFF
>= 10 Packages 10% OFF
>= 15 Packages 15% OFF
>= 20 Packages 20% OFF


Some rules around the discounts system:

Please note that the discount will only apply once you notify us that you qualify for a discount by opening a ticket with our billing department here.  After we have been notified, we will apply the applicable discount across all your packages.  If we have not been notified then the normal charge will apply until such time as we have received a request from you via our ticket system.

The discount offer only applies to web hosting packages.  Domain names are not included in the discount offer.

If your package count drops below any one of the required discount criteria outlined above, then the discount amount will also drop along with your package count.