About BlueSteam

All about the history of BlueSteam and how it started.

Who We are

BlueSteam is a privately owned South African web hosting business started in 2005 to bring afforable online web services exclusively for South African citizens and designed for the success of your web enterprise. BlueSteam started as a simple web hosting company but has expanded to providing website design and website building services, SSL certificates, spam protection as well as remote pc support.

Whether you already run a growing web business needing web services, need remote support or merely want to set up your first website, we have the solution for you.


BlueSteam’s Web Services

BlueSteam’s services ensure that your site provides a dependable presence to the public with your business information available to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In order for your business to grow, your site needs to meet or exceed current industry standards, with enough scalability to grow for the future.

BlueSteam’s services are extremely competitively priced, extremely reliable and always backed up by courteous and competent technical support.

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Client Testimonials

"I can honestly not think of anything to improve on. Keep up the amazing work!"

Nospoon Logo


Reon Viljoen

Owner - www.nospoon.co.za

"Absolutely great. Quick, efficient and helped me solve a major problem even after the domain was transferred away!"

Web Engineers


Ben Strydom

Owner - www.webengineers.co.za

"Brilliant as always!!!!! Very fast, very efficient and such a pleasure to deal with!!!"



Trudie Prinsloo

Owner - www.tpcam.co.za

"I would readily recommend BlueSteam to anyone needing friendly, helpful hosting. Every time I've needed help, I've always received prompt and great service from them!"

MJIT Services


Timothy van de Venter

Owner - www.mjit.co.za

"Very friendly and prompt service. I am a professional digital marketer and web developer and in all my years of dealing with hosts I have never come across such good service levels. I have actually transferred all my hosting to Bluesteam only because of there service."

Lastone Digital - Logo

Shaneel Maharaj

Owner - www.lastone.xyz