Unexpected price increase from cPanel

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On the 27th June 2019, cPanel (the hosting control panel we use) announced their new license pricing model which has rocked the entire website hosting industry worldwide.

In August 2018 cPanel was sold to an investment group called Oakley Capital, at the time they said that prices would remain the same. We knew this wasn’t true and did expect a price increase, investment groups have an obligation to pay back their investors in the shortest times after all. What we did not expect was an increase of this magnitude.

Originally a provider like ourselves could buy a cPanel license for a server and it would allow for unlimited cPanel Accounts.

The new cPanel pricing model has changed this to a per cPanel account license and the amount has been hiked dramatically.

We ourselves have seen a 350% increase in our cPanel licensing cost. We are not alone.  All web hosts across the world have been shaken by this new pricing and if you haven’t seen any price changes with other hosting providers, be assured that price increase are sure to follow soon.

More information regarding this announcement can be found here: https://cpanel.net/wp-content/themes/cPbase/assets/downloads/cP_Store_Licensing_Guide.pdf

There has also been several local and international discussions regarding how this price increase affects providers which can be found here:
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Massive cPanel price rises

This left the entire world in a total daze as the increases are astronomical and because of this there was a lot of back and forth between the community and cPanel to negotiate better rates but the better rates never came. Therefore we were left with very little time and choice but to implement these new prices.


This increase will affect ALL our packages including any past promotions / specials that we may have run.  The price increase will be in effect from the 15th of August as cPanel gave us very little time to implement these changes.

Our new pricing can be viewed on our Web Hosting product page found here: https://www.bluesteam.net/web-hosting-south-africa

I am very aware that the above is not “good news” but unfortunately we have no choice in the matter. However, we can assure you that we have done everything we can to minimize the impact/effect this would have on our clients and you can rest assured that it in no way impacts on our quality products or reflects on our service to you, our customer.


While BlueSteam has been forced to increase the monthly prices, we felt that it was time to anyway restructure the amount of storage allocated to each package and we can proudly say that with this price increase, so to has your amount of storage increased.

The new storage allocation changes can be seen here https://www.bluesteam.net/web-hosting-south-africa/ and below:

Ice Pack 750MB 1GB
Liquid Pack 3GB 5GB
Vapor Pack 5GB 10GB
Steam Pack 10GB 15GB

So as you can see, with the higher cost, we did our best to give you more value for money because we completely understand that this is going to be a shock to some.

If you have any questions with regards to this, you are welcome contact us and we will assist/answer to best of our ability.

BlueSteam thanks you for your support and understanding through this uncomfortable change.