Black Friday is coming. Up to 60% off…

by | Oct 10, 2018 | BlueSteam Blog | 2 comments

This year, BlueSteam has decided to join in the fun and bring our customers more of the savings that our customers already enjoy.  This year we are offering ALL our web hosting packages at a 60% discounted rate if you sign up annually on Black Friday.  However, while announcing this special, I was drawn to the history behind it and felt that it would be nice to write an article about this topic.

So here goes …



Every year, once a year, it has become custom across the globe to scramble to grab the best deals on only one day of the year.  This day is called Black Friday! When I first heard this term, it baffled me as to what Black Friday was and why it was called Black Friday.  After asking my good old friend Google what this was all about, I learned that the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving in America which some of us already know and the day AFTER this is considered the start of the Christmas Shopping Season.  Stores nationwide would run amazing specials to get the customers interested and psyched up for the coming shopping season extravaganza.  Apparently, this has been “a thing” since 1952.



Ok, so we know that this is the beginning of the shopping season in United States but why is it called Black Friday?

There really are quite a few explanations to this day and these are the most prominent that I could find explaining this

  1. One explanation I found was that Black Friday is an internet term that was born from the fact that retailers would record their losses in red and their gains in Black and this is a closely regarded practice in accounting terms and even in modern accounting software. On this day retailers would make incredible profits and the term became popular amongst the internet world.  The day after Thanksgiving was just termed “The Day after Thanksgiving Sale” or something similar in nature.
  2. Another explanation was that since the first day of the Christmas shopping season is the busiest day of the year, this would often cause severe traffic jams and often lead to violence
  3. However, according to, the more accurate reason for the term “Black Friday” was because in 1869 when two investors, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, drove up the price of Gold and caused a crash of the stock Market. A massive drop of 20% was recorded and all foreign trade stopped causing the wheat and corn harvest for farmers to suffer a 50% dip in value.

I found the above very interesting and hope that you do to but now down to the offering that BlueSteam has decided to give to our clients and new clients of course.

Simply use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY during the 23 November to 26 November to benefit from this amazing special of 60% off on all our Web Hosting packages on an annual signup. I believe that you cannot go wrong with BlueSteam as it is the best web hosting in South Africa that money can buy.  So if you are thinking of starting a new venture or are unhappy with your current hosting provider and are considering a move, there is no better time than Black Friday to do this as it will not hurt your wallet with such an amazing discount.  If you need web hosting sooner than that, our prices are still extremely competitive, and you can choose from any of our web hosting packages on offer.


The fine-print for the Black Friday Offer

  • For newly purchased packages only with an annual signup
  • Payments must be made during the stated special dates to avoid the following:
    • To prevent delayed purchases due to lack of funds
    • Hijacking hosting account names preventing other potential clients from purchasing hosting with that name
  • All purchased packages will renew at the normal rates after 1 year of signup
  • Coupin code does not include domain name registrations. It applies to hosting packages only.